Shocked Face

A few people sent this to me and, well, yah, I know.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been overstating the capabilities of the company’s advanced driver assist system, the company’s director of Autopilot software told the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The comments came from a memo released by legal transparency group PlainSite, which obtained the documents from a public records request.

It was the latest revelation about the widening gap between what Musk says publicly about Autopilot and what Autopilot can actually do. And it coincides with Tesla coming under increased scrutiny after a Tesla vehicle without anyone in the driver’s seat crashed in Texas, killing two men.

Precisely Right, Mr. President, Sir!!!

Still impressed everyone ran with "a good a bad jobs report is proof there is a LABOR SHORTAGE [whatever that means]."

The Story Of The Day

"Everyone" expected a big jobs number today, everyone was all set for their "ZOMG LABOR SHORTAGE CANCEL THE UI" pitches, and then it was a small jobs number and they...ran with it anyway. Journalist surplus. That's the story.


+266K, 6.1% unemployment. I'm lazy so I'll wait for someone else to make a pretty graph, but that's a level of net job creation which implies that, if it continued at that rate, we'd return to pre-Covid trend employment levels in...well, never (not really, but a long time).

Bad number! It's a "moderate growth in normal times" not "recovery growth."

All the ghouls will be out blaming expanded UI, even though the labor force is growing faster than the number of jobs.


No new news, really, but I do love that his plan is "get noted philanthropist and all around generous guy Donald Trump to pay his legal bills."
One of the most vocal is Giuliani's son Andrew, who worked in the Trump White House and told CNN,"The nut may crack in the next 36 hours." He called on Trump to "take the lead on this one," adding: "He can be the hero."

"Once President Trump actually understands that his lead counsel was not indemnified, he's going to resolve this very quickly," Andrew Giuliani said on Wednesday.

Andrew Giuliani said his father was reimbursed for travel-related expenses incurred after the 2020 election, when he visited Arizona and other states to argue election fraud lawsuits in court. He said his father has not, however, been paid for legal services.

Also everyone is casually like "yes, everyone knows things that can put Donald in jail, so perhaps he needs to make sure that doesn't happen" and it's just left hanging there.